• Conservation Visual Storytelling
    Allow us to work with you to help find solutions through a myriad of deliverables to help your cause.
  • Nature and Wildlife Photography
    Providing Instruction, Educational Programs, and Images of the Natural World for your Projects and Organizations...
  • Photo Tours and Safaris
    Join me on one of our wildlife photography tours or adventures or sign up for a personal outing either half day or full day to one of our local wildlife areas...
  • Photography Instruction
    One on one or small group instruction. Learn field techniques, post processing, and data asset management...


Looking for award winning images of the natural world? Does your conservation project need a photographer to help tell your story? Are you hoping to bring an educational program to your school, camp, or other group? Wanting to go out and take photos of nature and wildlife but not sure where to go? Looking for instruction on how to take better images? If so, then you've come to the right place!

  1. Works with local non-profit conservation organizations

    Whether we are leading interpretive photography walks or supplying images for conservation efforts you can be sure that we are doing our best to work with an ethical eye towards nature and wildlife.

  2. Beautiful images of the natural world

    As a nature and wildlife photographer, Donald is constantly in the field searching for those often overlooked photographic opportunities with the hopes of being able to capture them to share with others who need images for their projects or just enjoy seeing those fleeting moments that can only be captured with still photography. To see more of his images visit his portfolio here: Portfolio

  3. Diverse portfolio of locations, species, and other naturally occurring subjects

    Donald works hard to spend as much time as possible searching for subjects. All of his photos are carefully keyworded, checked for proper location titles, and genus and species names. This information is then embedded in the meta data of all his photos. To see more of his images visit his portfolio here: Portfolio

  4. Award Winning Nature and Wildlife Photography

    For a list of the awards, publications and articles featuring Donald Quintanas Work visit his bio page here BIO

  5. Certified California Naturalist

    Having completed the University of California’s California Naturalist Program each photo adventure led by Donald is an educational experience not only photographically but environmentally as well.